Monday, May 5, 2008

Winamp Plugin - Music Archiver

Wondering where all your hard disk space is gone? Look at that, it's being taken up by all that Celine Dion music! That's easy to fix: just find the offending directory, press delete, and you just freed two gigabytes of hard disk space!

But it's not always that easy. I found myself with song after song I don't like anymore throughout my music collection and no easy way to clean up, so I created a Winamp plugin that allows me to eliminate those cheesy songs one by one as they come up when I listen with Winamp.

The plugin is at

It adds a system tray icon that you can click when the currently playing song is NOT music to your ears. The main idea was to recreate the directory structure of the music collection in another root directory in order to archive the songs I don't like anymore and maybe even delete them. So for example, if I have "C:\My Music\New\Singles\Madonna - 4 Minutes.mp3", I click the system tray icon and the file moves to "C:\My Music to Archive\New\Singles\Madonna - 4 Minutes.mp3".


Natalino said...

Well yes. But it doesn't work for me. I have winamp 5 I configured it like this:

"archive immediately" selected

The original songs are in "downloads" and "music\archive" is the destination folder. When I click the icon, it skips or backs one song but no songs are copied or moved.

Do you have any tips for me?

Natalino said...

Never mind. Apparently, my "gen_tray" plugin (a tray icon plugin) was stealling the clicks from the Music Archiver icon.

gen_tray is gone, everything is fine now. Sorry for bothering you.

pippilongstockin said...

WOW. That is the best idea ever!
Thank You, Heliodor.
You are the Best!