Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fifteen Seconds of Internet Fame Thanks to Google

Usually I write about things that help you, my dear readers. This time around, you'll have to excuse me as I'd like to point out my fifteen seconds of Internet nerd fame. A few days ago I got a mention on Google's Android blog.

For about two weeks in March, Google hosted a contest to give out free Google I/O tickets to developers. Each day, they had a competition based on a specific Google technology. I entered the Android competition, given how it's my area of expertise. I don't usually enter contests because the odds are pretty slim. However, I looked over the way Google structured the contest and figured the odds are pretty good given my strong experience in the domain. I passed the qualifier round by answering a handful of questions and I received an email with the details for the main round: build an app similar to this count-down clock. To avoid people copying Google's web code, the app had to be a native app.

I didn't have the foresight to take a day off work to focus on this contest, so I got home at 9pm and got cracking on it. I kept going until 6am, when I submitted my entry and called it a night, even though the entry wasn't due for another six hours. I slept three hours and went to work.

Well, it looks like that sleepless night paid off because I finished in the top three of the ten winners and got mentioned on Google's Android blog. My biggest nerd dream has come true: I'm going to Google I/O!

If you're reading this and you're going to be at Google I/O, reach out. I'd love to meet you!


Unknown said...

Congrats! Have they contacted you yet? I stumbled across the blog entry this morning but so far I haven't seen anyone on twitter mention they've received their winning email for Android, yet I've seen around 5 winners from all the other categories. So curious if you got your "Winner" email yesterday. I'd love to see the app you created if you care to post a link :)

Daishin said...

Good stuff dude -- definitely very nerdy.

Under 11k is impressive. Keep up the good work and enjoy SF -- should be good times.

I wonder if you will go back to NY... nerds like the Bay.